Save Up to 50% With This Zero Maintenance Uninterruptible Power Supply: SCP Cube

Arbor SCP Cube Industrial Supercapacitor UPS

Arbor SCP Cube


In this brief review, we examine several unique features of the SCP Cube and how its use of supercapacitors, instead of conventional batteries, potentially allows its users to reap significant cost savings. You will also be able to examine how it compares to other comparable products in the market.

Product Specifications 

  1. The Arbor SCP Cube uses supercapacitors instead of internal batteries, which is used by most conventional UPS Systems
  2. It is designed to provide Plug-and-Play Support
    1. USB & COM port plug and play
  3. It is able to provide monitoring of environmental factors such as temperature, humility, or air quality
  4. Din-rail mountable
  5. Is explosion proof
  6. Has a USB and RS232 serial port
  7. Is environmentally friendly
  8. Arbor SCP Cube provides backup power for three to five minutes

 Importance of SCP Cube

  1. Reliable power is especially crucial in today’s industrial environments
  2. Especially as highly-automated sensor-driven and cloud-based Industry 4.0 installations rely on solid power
  3. The SCP Cube UPS, hence, is able to provide short-term backup power to guard against power glitches and short-term power loss by instantly switching to backup power
    1. If power comes back on, the backup power system simply switches to grid power
    2. If it does not, backup systems have enough capacity to allow for a graceful shutdown
    3. This is important as devices such as IT servers and medical equipment must be shut down in an orderly fashion to avoid lengthy restarts or damage

SCP Cube-LoRa

  1. LoRa is a wireless data communication specification for LPWAN (Low Power Wide-Area Network) applications
  2. LPWAN is inexpensive, uses very little power range, has good range and is fast enough for communication with IoT sensors
  3. It is perfect for private for wireless sensor networks that do not need the internet.
  4. This allows for remote control and monitoring
  5. It serves as an IIoT sensor node. It can also further work with central gateways and cloud servers to form a total IIoT solution
  6. Allows for customizable editing, data monitoring and data analysis


Brief Overview of Advantages


Arbor Supercapacitor UPS

Conventional Battery UPS

Level of Maintenance

No Maintenance

- Supercapacitors do not require their batteries to be replaced

-Saves on maintenance cost

Requires Preventive or Proactive Maintenance

- Requires batteries to be continually monitored and replaced

- May require end-user to use maintenance contracts.

Variable Cost

Low Running Cost

- Very Fast Charging

High Running Cost

- Slow Charging

Temperature Range

Wide Operating Temperature Range (-20 to 70 degrees celsius)

Narrow Operating Temperature Range (0 to 45 degrees)


Long working lifespan

Short working lifespan


No explosion and overcharging risk


Danger of overcharging that can result in damage, fire or explosion

Power Cycles

Virtually unlimited number of power cycles (50,000 to 20 million)

Limited number of power cycles (500 to 1,000 charge cycles)


Weighs 4.75 pounds

A typical system weighs about 6 pounds.


Advantages of SCP Cube

  1. It is estimated that Supercapacitors potentially have an infinite working life span
  2. They require less frequent maintenance replacement than traditional batteries
    1. Helps end-user save on costly maintenance contracts
  3. They can lower overall replacement and recycling costs by up to 80%
  4. In terms of running costs, supercapacitors recharge almost instantaneously as compared to recharging a traditional battery set.
  5. Allows for customizable editing, data monitoring and data analysis
  6. Allows for Plug-and-Play support and is din-rail mountable.
  7. Ensures safety with no explosion and overcharging risk. 

How does SCP Cube compare to the other conventional UPS product manufacturers

  1. Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS System
    1. Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS System uses internal and external battery system
    2. However, it has the EcoStruxture Asset Advisor system
      1. This allows for remote monitoring and control
    3. However Schneider Electric identifies the maintenance services for their UPS Systems as an significant source of revenue for their contractors
      1. They broke down the plans available into preventive maintenance, proactive maintenance and also predictive maintenance plans
      2. This could pose as a significant running cost for customers who choose to use battery UPS systems
    4. Weidmuller DC UPS
      1. Uses an associated battery module and power supply unit to form a complete UPS system
    5. APC Smart-UPS
      1. The Smart-UPS uses battery systems
      2. However, it has intelligent battery management which helps maximises battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging
      3. Is able to provide predictive failure notification and early-fault analysis which ensures proactive component replacement
      4. Requires batteries to be replaced from time to time.


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