Stress Test: Q-Light S100SOL LED Rechargeable LED/Flashing Solar Warning Light



The S100SOL Solar Warning Light has always been a curious model for us. While it stands as one of our most popular models, we constantly receive a number of questions daily asking about its brightness intensity, its suitability to external environments as well as about its set up.

For these reasons, we decided to design a series of mini-experiments to put the S100SOL Warning Light to the test. The S100SOL was tested for its:

  • Ease of Set-Up
  • Suitability to external environments
  • Light intensity in dark areas


Hoping to test the ease of set-up in a fun yet scientific manner, we challenged three of our colleagues (Disclaimer: who have not interacted with the light before) to see who could be the fastest and register the shortest time in setting up the solar warning light. Impressively, our fastest colleague registered a blistering 4.98 seconds to set-up the warning light.



This helps answer one of the most common question we encounter with the S100SOL: with no warning light having no external wiring, how do I turn it on?

Simple! All the user has to do is to remove the solar warning light’s cap, flick the on-off switch, replace the cover and you’re all set.


With such solar warning lights often being installed in outdoor environments where there isn’t a power supply available, it is essential that the light is able to withstand rain and dust.

We put that to the test, leaving the S100SOL in an outdoor environment for an entire day.


Fortunately for us, it rained on the day of our test. The S100SOL was exposed to the heat, rain and wind – the full suite of conditions available in our tropical climate. The S100SOL is specified to be IP54 rated and has shown to be accurately so.


Even with the easy set-up and suitability to outdoor environments, the most important question remains: Can I count on the light to be bright enough when I need it to?

To put this to the test, we situated the warning light in an outdoor space to observe its performance from day to night

 As it transitions from day to night, we can easily observe that the warning light automatically switches on and brightly illuminates in a steady light mode. This is due to the warning light’s built-in darkness detection system, allowing it to automatically operate in dark environments.

If needed, the warning light is also able to operate in a flashing mode.


The S100SOL has seen a number of applications in crane warning lights, road construction sites and even on vehicle use. And we are now more firmly convinced on why many users have judged the S100SOL to be the right warning light for them: it is not only able to meet, but also exceed the essential features expected of a solar warning light


Find out Detailed Specs: 

S80SOL (80mm)S100SOL (100mm)S125SOL (125mm)


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